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                  There are many factors affecting the quality of concrete slab. In order to ensure that the casting effect meets the requirements, the detailed construction should be strictly controlled and the hidden quality hazards should be completely eliminated.
                  (1) The elevation of floor concrete is checked twice by means of double checks, once before steel bar binding and once before concrete pouring. Ensure that both elevations meet the requirements.
                  (2) In the structural stage, after concrete pouring, the bottom of scaffolding pipe is paved with wood blocks or boards in the process of supporting formwork of bent frame in the upper floor to ensure that the formed concrete layer is not destroyed.
                  (3) Nine splints are laid in advance to protect the floor when the formwork bench is demolished. At the boligang.37ix.com.cnhdpeguan.37ix.com.cndutongxw.37ix.com.cn jubingxixw.37ix.com.cnsame time, baohuguan.37ix.com.cnmppguan.37ix.com.cnthe steel pipe fasteners are centralized stacked after manual delivery. No free falling is allowed to damage the ground, and the stacking place is protected by nine splints.
                  (4) In the stage of wall construction, the tiles are strictly forbidden to be unloaded freely by dumpers. They must be passed to the centralized storage place by hand, and nine splints are laid at the storage place.
                  (5) Plastic foot pads and plates are added at the bottom of the scaffolding iron escalator for decoration and hydropower installation to protect the formed concrete surface.


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