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                  1. 正確觀察裂縫寬度;
                  1. correctly observe the width of the crack.
                  2. 基層處理:清除裂縫表面的灰塵,油污;
                  2. grass-roots treatment: remove dirt and oil from cracks;
                  3. 確定注入口:一般按20~30cm距離設置設一個注入口,注入口位置盡量設置在裂縫較寬,開口較通暢的部位,貼上膠帶,預留;
                  3. determine the injection port: in general, an injection port is set up at the distance of 20 to 30cm, and the position of the injecting mouth is set as wide as the crack is wide, the opening is more smooth, tape is attached and reserved.
                  4. 封閉裂縫:采用午晟智造?快干型封縫膠,沿裂縫表面涂刮,留出注入口;
                  4. closed cracks: use Wu Sheng Zhi to create quick drying sealant, scraping along the surface of cracks, leaving the injection port.
                  5. 安設塑料底座:揭去注入口上膠帶,用封縫膠將底座粘于注入口上;
                  5. install the plastic base: remove the adhesive tape on the injection port, and use the sealant to stick the base to the injection port.
                  6. install the grouting device: pour the filling resin into the hose and tighten the resin grout on the base.
                  7. grouting: loosen the grout spring, confirm the injection state, such as insufficient resin can be added to continue injection;
                  8. injecting and closing: after the injection speed is lowered, no grouting is confirmed, the grouting device can be dismantled and the base is blocked by plugs.
                  9. after curing the resin, knock off the base and plug, clean the surface sealing glue.


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